If Cars Have Shoulder Seat Belts, Why Not Airplanes?

When the “fasten seat belt” sign flashes on in airplanes, with its familiar accompanying ding, it’s often met with passengers’ equal parts annoyance and resignation, when it’s acknowledged at all. Like, “What? Again? Really? Do...

Cicadas on different schedules can hybridize

Every few years, a buzz fills the air in the southeastern United States as adolescent cicadas crawl out from the soil to molt and make babies. After a childhood spent sipping tree sap underground, some...

Touchscreen Mirror

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Facebook Privacy Fiasco Sees Congress Urged on Anti-Piracy Action

Coalitions representing more than 670 companies and 240,000 members from the entertainment sector has written to Congress urging a strong response to the Facebook privacy fiasco. The groups, which include all the major Hollywood studios and key players from the music industry, are calling for Silicon Valley as a whole to be held accountable for whatever appears on their platforms.

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Color changing squeezable bulb

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096 – Biotech Regulatory Affairs

Regulation of new technology in food crops is important for many reasons. It is critical to ensure safety, but a robust regulatory system also shapes consumer sentiment.  Today’s guest is Dr. Robert Potter.  Dr. Potter [...] Read more here

097 – Environmental and Economic Impacts of Biotech Crops

   The annual report by agricultural economists Brookes and Barfoot is a helpful resource to understand the impacts of agricultural biotechnology.  The peer-reviewed report is dense, and contains substantial information about crop use, yields, production [...] Read more here

New ancestor of modern sea turtles found in Alabama

This is a reconstruction of the new species (Peritresius martini). Credit: Drew Gentry CC-BY A sea turtle discovered in Alabama is a new species from the Late Cretaceous epoch, according to a study published April 18,...