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Your nerd news filtered. The aim here is to provide ‘educational’-news. Of course whilst this being the internets and all, stupid has a place here as well. How’s that for ‘fair and balanced’? My guess is that the contrast will be interesting.


"I just wanted my own website, I regret that now"

That’s basically it. Like you, I got the IP-ban on twitter, but I still had the ‘urge’. My doctor told my to start a web-blog and that seemed reasonable at the time. Then I discovered that the blogging is nowadays done by Russian fake-news bots, So I bought one for myself, reverse engineered it to translate Russian fake news into really happening news. Now everything here is automatically done by robots, hence I’ve  become obsolete, like a dinosaur. Bots have now full control over my website homepage. I am like you now, just a fan and a reader.

Help. Please save us. Zarf S.

Oh, and there's that.

Oh, and there’s that.

This site is not affiliated with any organisation. Commercial or otherwise. We don’t want to sell you anything. Therefore it’s easy to promise you that you will get spam, but not/never/ever from this site. We will have nothing to do with that. This is just a website, nothing more.

As a civil site, you can rest assured we take your privacy serious and respect everything that you would reasonably expect us to respect in situations like this. And we hope to do even better in other situations.

All that is asked of you is that you behave (within generally accepted laws(1) and behavioural rules) and be a good guest.
An exception to the above:
If you come here with less honourable intentions, all bets are off. Spam/nazi/hack at your own peril. Scrubby has the power to IP-ban you world wide. Fully automatically. With love & gusto.

(1) We don’t respect any laws regarding prohibition of sharing information. Nor any company that attempts to destroy the nature of networks and/or the free spirit who uses them. Feel free to share any type of information.

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