Forever Young: The Promise of Human Regeneration From lab-grown organs to tissue engineering, regenerative medicine holds the potential to deliver eternal life. How close are we to this new future of human health? Developmental biologists, biomedical engineers, regenerative scientists, and physicians for a riveting exploration of the current and future state of regenerative medicine. WATCH THE TRAILER: FULL PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: Synthetic blood mass-produced to meet supply shortages. Livers and kidneys “bioprinted” on demand. Missing fingers and toes re-grown with a jolt of bioelectricity. Regenerative medicine promises to do more than just treat disease, injuries, or congenital conditions. It holds the potential to rejuvenate, heal, or completely replace damaged tissue and organs. If successful, regenerative medicine will have immense impact on how we care for the injured, sick, and aging — and how we think about death. This program will explore mind-boggling medical advances as well as the societal and...

Plant nutrition Innovation Awards open for applications

Two plant nutrition research project to be awarded a total of €120,000 euros this year The 2018 Innovation Awards organised by French plant nutrition company, Groupe Roullier, headquartered in Saint-Malo, France will reward two researchers or...

The Week in Ransomware – March 23rd 2018 – Govt Infections, Zenis, and More

This week was definitely a lot busier than the previous one. During the past two weeks we have had some interesting ransomware released such as Zenis, which deletes files associated with backups, and AVCrypt that tries to uninstall your security software. We also had a bunch of organizations affected by SamSam. [...] Read more here

Apple To Unveil a Cheaper iPad Next Week At Its Educational Event

Apple is holding an education-focused event on Tuesday where it's expected to launch a "low-cost iPad" alongside new education software. The goal is to win back students and teachers who have adopted similar products/services from rivals Google and Microsoft. Bloomberg reports: In its first major product event of the year, Apple will return to its roots in the education market. The event on Tuesday at Lane Technical College Prep High School in Chicago will mark the first time Apple has held a product launch geared toward education since 2012 when it unveiled a tool for designing e-books for the iPad. It's also a rare occasion for an Apple confab outside its home state of California. In Chicago, the world's most-valuable technology company plans to show off a new version of its cheapest iPad that should appeal to the education market, said people familiar...

Key Internet Players Excoriate Canadian Pirate Site Blocking Plan

The Internet Society and the Internet Infrastructure Coalition (i2Coalition) are fiercely against the Canadian pirate site blocking plan. With prominent members such as Amazon and Google, i2Coalition points out that the "internet censorship" proposal would stifle innovation and cause tremendous collateral damage.

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Underside grind

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Virtual wearable UI tracking technology

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IQ is a really stupid concept

It's stacked against most of the world.

IQ tests measure your ability to perform well on one particular type of test. But research shows that everything from healthcare access to GDP can influence a child's…
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