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This site is hosted in the Netherlands. We have a law here insisting me to scare you with cookies. And as much as I see the fun in that, it’s also utterly ridiculous. They forced me to make this page. I don’t give a shit about cookies and neither should you. It’s relatively fucking stupid.

Cookies make this site work, that’s it. Also, i will not be held accountable for any possible bad cookies you think you found.  Nor will I be bored in any other way by cookies, alien or otherwise. Cookies are just some Russian h4x0rz-collusion that politics made up to scare us. If you were to die using this website, I can assure you that cookies will have nothing to do with that. They are innocent, -sadly-.

Cookies are nothing. You should be afraid of clowns. And nuclear explosions.

Trust me, I’m from the interwebs.

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