If you are looking for Webmail, it is here.


Typically, one would go there by typing http://mail.brokenpla.net. Only then you will automatically be routed there. It’s a bit silly, I know.

If it still goes wrong, you’ll end up at the frontpage. Don’t panic, go into the top right menu.

Some would prefer the “clicking method”. But nobody listens.


If you consider using Outlook, Thunderbird or any other email-application, the settings are fairly default:

Server addresses


(or mail.brokenpla.net)

  • Smtp: 25
  • imap: 143, 993. Secure submission 587
  • secure pop3: 995


No plain text passwords, select TLS and/or SSL here and there.

When you first try, you will be asked to download a certificate from Let’s Encrypt. Don’t panic.

Your weblog-password is not yet coupled to your email-account. Losing your mail-password requires divine intervention.



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