Imminent extinction of northern white rhinoceros motivates genetic recovery efforts

Earlier this year, the last remaining male northern white rhinoceros (NWR) died in captivity, nearly cementing the fate of this subspecies for extinction. In the wild, continuing threats of poaching, habitat destruction, and small population size have contributed to the rhinos' status as critically endangered. Yet, novel conservation efforts that make use of cryopreserved genetic material could save the NWR, and other threatened species, from extinction.
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Tick bite protection: New CDC study adds to the promise of permethrin-treated clothing

The case for permethrin-treated clothing to prevent tick bites keeps getting stronger. In new experiments, clothing treated with an insecticide known as permethrin had strong toxic effects on three primary species of ticks known to spread disease-causing pathogens in the United States. Exposure to permethrin interfered with the ticks' ability to move properly, making them sluggish and likely interfering with their ability to bite.
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To save a dog breed, change it

two lundehunds

I'm raising the lundehund of the future.

The Norwegian lundehund has an incredible history—and has become incredibly inbred. To save it, researchers mixed it with another breed to create something new.
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Cold production of new seafloor

Magma steadily emerges between oceanic plates. It pushes the plates apart, builds large underwater mountains and forms new seafloor. This is one of the fundamental processes that constantly change the face of the Earth. But there are also times when new seabed is created without any volcanism, by un-roofing mantle material directly at the seafloor. Scientists have now published the first estimation based on seismic data on how much seafloor is produced this way.
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Pretty damn cool mask effect

submitted by /u/GallowBoob [link] [on reddit] Related Posts:Pretty cool skulls ghost pirate ship replicaImogen Heap’s Mi.Mu gloves are pretty damn cyberpunkMV from Satellite Young...

The future of ‘genetic genealogy’ crime solving

Just three weeks ago, law enforcement in California announced the arrest of the Golden State Killer using DNA. … On Friday, police in Washington State announced the arrest of William Earl Talbott II for a double murder in 1987,...

Ariane Chief Seems Frustrated With SpaceX For Driving Down Launch Costs

schwit1 shares a report from Ars Technica: Like United Launch Alliance, the [France-based] Ariane Group faces pricing pressure from SpaceX, which offers launch prices as low as $62 million for its Falcon 9 rocket. It has specifically developed the Ariane 6 rocket to compete with the Falcon 9 booster. But there are a couple of problems with this. Despite efforts to cut costs, the two variants of the Ariane 6 will still cost at least 25 percent more than SpaceX's present-day prices. Moreover, the Ariane 6 will not fly until 2020 at the earliest, by which time Falcon 9 could offer significantly cheaper prices on used Falcon 9 boosters if it needed to. (The Ariane 6 rocket is entirely expendable). With this background in mind, the chief executive of Ariane Group, Alain Charmeau, gave an interview to the German publication Der Spiegel. The...