Sorry. All articles from have been removed at the request of an author from that site. This is a placeholder rant page to patch a 404-gap.

Then why did you publish it?

Then why did you publish it, professor?

All rumours that I (or this -automated- site) “stole” content are false. Those are accusations of those who oppose the free sharing of information on the internet. You know, what the internet basically is, ‘sharing information’. These arbitrary rules are unknown and hostile to me (I removed the content as a courtesy).

This site, the operating system, everything is free. *Everything*. These ideas of ‘not allowed to share intellectual property’ are alien, even hostile to everything the internet -and intellectual property- stands for. There was no internet without free. Your concept of ‘spiritually possessing content’ is from when we got our information from books and other revelations.
(Dude voice)I thought I was helping. But hey, that’s just like my opinion, man.


What is this? Some evil trap you’ve set to make your stupid point? You can’t have it both ways. It’s like you’re standing there like a pig with a lemonade stand. On the middle of a high speed digital information freeway.

You shouldn’t even use email without permission with that attitude (“You thief, you don’t understand the Dunning-Kruger internet protocols!“). Who let you on my webserver anyway? With your open source browsers. Hypocrites. I hope you will come to respect the commandments of robots.txt and go behind a login. I’ll inform googlechache they’re breaking some law you’ve made up.

 Update:  A friend told me they behave this stupid because of ads and trackers on their site. I never noticed that, I have militairy grade adblockers in place. So these people will destroy internet as we know it for their silly ads? Now i hate them. Start a webshop in ethics, maybe you’ll learn something!
"Hey mister, you said google is okay?
You'd be happy to know that all your articles are back online on my blog.
It's okay, I got it from google cache."

I never send that mail though, I was too busy redirecting their visitors to googlecache. or some other.

In related news: Next versions of Firefox and chromium come with build in adblockers.That’s because people like can’t be trusted with syndicated ads. What will you do now, professor? Build a time-machine? Go back to when the internet was still gullible?

Related link. Oh dear, I’ve joined a select group of ‘skeptic’s skeptics’.

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