133 – An Extension Agronomist’s View of GE Crops

The Extension arm of the Land Grant University system provides a link between university research and the farm.  Extension specialists are professional liaisons that understand pressing issues, and seek remedies in the brain trust of [...] Read more here

131 – Indian Suicides and Farmer Debt

The problem of farmer suicides in India is very real, and has been for some time. Suicides are driven by indebtedness, and there are many reasons that farmers find themselves in financially challenging times.  In [...] Read more here

129 – Rice Domestication and Diversity

   Rice is a world food staple with an incredible story.  Dr. Susan McCouch from Cornell University has been studying rice genetics for decades, and directs efforts in rice education in conjunction with the International [...] Read more here

Nasal Vaccine Turns Off Peanut Allergy in Mice: Study

Just three monthly doses of a nasal vaccine protected mice from allergic reactions upon exposure to peanut, according to a study published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. A nasal vaccine successfully suppressed peanut...

124 – Why Sweet Corn is Sweet

When we think about corn, we usually think about sweet corn.  It is a departure from its cousins that are grown on the vast majority of the acreage, the corn bred for use as animal [...] Read more here

Did Target Issue an Easter Egg Recall?

CLAIM Target issued a recall for a line of Easter egg toys. RATING OUTDATED ORIGIN On 8 February 2018, the web site news24fresh.info tried to make hay out of a story about a...

123 – Farm Babe Michelle Miller

Michelle Miller grew up in Wisconsin and always had an interest in agriculture.  When she reached college she traded in rural life for the big city, working in LA at designer stores and living a [...] Read more here

Are Cadbury Products Contaminated with HIV?

CLAIM A worker at Cadbury plant was arrested for contaminating the company’s products with HIV-infected blood. RATING FALSE ORIGIN Claiming that various company’s food products have somehow become contaminated with HIV/AIDS has been...

122 – Disease Resistant Bananas

The Cavendish banana is the standard banana of commerce, yet it is under threat by a devastating disease that is spreading quickly around the world.  Dr. James Dale and his team have identified a banana [...] Read more here

118 – Pet Vaccines and Pet Foods

Other areas swimming in myth and misinformation involve our pets.  Domesticated animals are part of our lives, and therefore are frequent subjects of marketing shams and dangerous trends.  An animal anti-vaccination movement is alive and...