133 – An Extension Agronomist’s View of GE Crops

The Extension arm of the Land Grant University system provides a link between university research and the farm.  Extension specialists are professional liaisons that understand pressing issues, and seek remedies in the brain trust of [...] Read more here

Industrial Protein Production in GMO Plants

  Many important enzymes, industrial and therapeutic proteins are manufactured using transgenic plants.  Plants offer many benefits to protein production over animal cells and microbes for many applications.   In this episode Dr. Beth Hood from [...] Read more here

129 – Rice Domestication and Diversity

   Rice is a world food staple with an incredible story.  Dr. Susan McCouch from Cornell University has been studying rice genetics for decades, and directs efforts in rice education in conjunction with the International [...] Read more here

128 – Insect Gene Drives (Part 2)

 Dr. Jennifer Kuzma received her training in biochemistry, and then later found herself working in social sciences.  She is now the Co-Director of the Genetic Engineering and Society program at North Carolina State University.  Dr. [...] Read more here

127 – Insect Gene Drives (Part 1)

 Gene drives are a powerful technology that may be used to control pests.  The concepts key off of exploiting genetic vulnerabilities that are rapidly inherited, and cause populations to crash over a short time. Such [...] Read more here

124 – Why Sweet Corn is Sweet

When we think about corn, we usually think about sweet corn.  It is a departure from its cousins that are grown on the vast majority of the acreage, the corn bred for use as animal [...] Read more here

122 – Disease Resistant Bananas

The Cavendish banana is the standard banana of commerce, yet it is under threat by a devastating disease that is spreading quickly around the world.  Dr. James Dale and his team have identified a banana [...] Read more here

121 – Fighting the Fall Army Worm

The Fall Army Worm is  a moth larvae that is incredibly destructive.  It causes widespread crop losses in the Americas and now has been found in Africa.  This pest consumes everything in its path, and [...] Read more here

119 – Know Ideas Media, Nick Saik

When we talk about food and farming, Nick Saik has been excited to tell the story through the camera lens.  Nick has built quite an empire by telling the story of food and farming technology....