Google Chrome Has a Built-In Password Generator. Here’s how to use it!

Chrome has a surprising amount of features that are hidden or not well known that can offer a great deal of functionality for users. One of these features, is a built-in password generator that can be used to create strong passwords when creating new accounts and a password manager called Smart Lock that stores these passwords . [...] Read more here

Amazon Follows Google in Banning "Domain Fronting"

Two of today's biggest cloud service providers are now blocking a technique called "domain fronting" that has been used by websites and applications to avoid government-based censorship, but also by malware to secretly siphon stolen data to covert servers. [...] Read more here

Google Is Testing a New Chrome UI

Google engineers have rolled out a new Chrome user interface (UI). Work on the new Refresh UI has been underway since last year, Bleeping Computer has learned. [...] Read more here