Teenager Charged For Nova Scotia Freedom of Information Web Portal Breach

A 19 year old teenager was charged with 'unauthorized use of a computer' after downloading over 7,000 records from the Nova Scotia Freedom-of-Information web portal. The teenager whose name has not been released, has been accused of stealing documents from the portal, with many of them being publicly accessible and redacted.  [...] Read more here

New Michigan Law Makes Possession of Ransomware Illegal

On Monday, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder signed two bills into law that criminalize the possession of ransomware "with the intent to introduce it into a computer or computer network without authorization" and punish offenders with a three-year prison sentence, respectively. [...] Read more here

Free eBook site Project Gutenberg Blocks German Visitors over Court Ruling

Project Gutenberg, a U.S.A. based site that offers free eBooks whose copyright have expired in the U.S., has blocked all access to German visitors. In a statement posted on the site, it was stated that this block was created due to a recent ruling against Project Gutenberg in a lawsuit filed in Germany. [...] Read more here