Did ‘Bots’ Force Al Franken to Resign?

On 19 February 2018, both the news magazine Newsweek and news blog RawStory.com posted stories cribbing from a blog post on Medium.com by “Unhack the Vote,” which reported the #MeToo movement had been co-opted by a network...

Epic Games Uses Private Investigators to Locate Cheaters

After hiring the services of a private investigations firm, Epic Games discovered they'd sued another minor for alleged cheating. The gaming company asked the court to keep the personal information of the kid under seal. A private investigator was also used to locate another minor defendant in a separate case, who is now risking a default judgment.

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Comcast Explains How It Deals With Persistent Pirates

Dating back to the turn of the last century, copyright holders have alerted Internet providers about alleged copyright infringers on their network. While many ISPs forwarded these notices to their subscribers, most were not very...