FBI Takes Control of APT28′s VPNFilter Botnet

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has obtained court orders and has taken control of the command and control servers of a massive botnet of over 500,000 devices, known as the VPNFilter botnet. [...] Read more here

CryptON Ransomware Installed Using Hacked Remote Desktop Services

A new and active campaign for the CryptON Ransomware is currently underway where attackers are hacking into computers with Internet accessible Remote Desktop Services. Once the attackers gain access to the computer they manually execute the ransomware and encrypt your files. [...] Read more here

Mozilla Adds 2FA Support for Firefox Accounts

Mozilla is rolling out support for a two-step authentication process for Firefox Accounts, the credentials system that protects bookmarks, passwords, open tabs and other data synchronized between devices via the Firefox Sync feature. [...] Read more here

Google Chrome Has a Built-In Password Generator. Here’s how to use it!

Chrome has a surprising amount of features that are hidden or not well known that can offer a great deal of functionality for users. One of these features, is a built-in password generator that can be used to create strong passwords when creating new accounts and a password manager called Smart Lock that stores these passwords . [...] Read more here

BMW Fixes Security Flaws in Several Well-Known Car Models

BMW is working on firmware updates for some of its cars after researchers from the Tencent Keen Security Lab have discovered 14 flaws affecting high-profile car models such as BMW i Series, BMW X Series, BMW 3 Series, BMW 5 Series, and BMW 7 Series. [...] Read more here

Microsoft to Block Flash in Office 365

Microsoft announced plans last week to block Flash, Shockwave, and Silverlight content from activating in Office 365. The block will only apply to Office 365 subscription clients, but not to Office 2016, Office 2013, or Office 2010 distributions, the company said. [...] Read more here

GPON Routers Attacked With New Zero-Day

Attacks on Dasan GPON routers are continuing to happen using two vulnerabilities disclosed last month, but today, researchers from Qihoo 360 Netlab have revealed that one botnet operator appears to have deployed a new zero-day affecting the same router types. [...] Read more here