Firefox 60 Released With Support for an Enterprise-Friendly Policy Engine

The Mozilla Foundation released Firefox 60 earlier today. The highlights of this new Firefox version are support for a policy engine for deploying Firefox across enterprise environments, support for the WebAuthn passwordless authentication system, and the addition of sponsored stories (ads) for US users. [...] Read more here

Firefox 60 to Show Sponsored Content for US Users

Mozilla announced this week plans to show sponsored content to US users starting with the release of Firefox 60. The sponsored content will appear as suggested stories inside Firefox New Tab page. The stories will be pulled from Pocket's recommendation list. [...] Read more here

A New Algorithm Can Detect Online Sexual Predators

Child sexual exploitation impacts everyone around the world. As  predators are increasingly using the internet to find victims, law enforcement have also been employing technology in order to apprehend suspects. Thankfully, a new algorithm may allow law enforcement to find these predators before they can cause harm. [...] Read more here

Google Is Testing a New Chrome UI

Google engineers have rolled out a new Chrome user interface (UI). Work on the new Refresh UI has been underway since last year, Bleeping Computer has learned. [...] Read more here

What To Expect at the RSA 2018 Conference This Week

The RSA Conference, an annual security conference with over 40,000 attendees expected this year, runs from April 16th through the 20th. Additionally, there will be 500 vendors who will be on site to brandish the latest tech in the field. [...] Read more here

Google Chrome to Boost User Privacy by Improving Cookies Handling Procedure

Google engineers plan to improve user privacy and security by putting a short lifespan on cookies delivered via HTTP connections. Google hopes that the move will force website developers and advertisers to send cookies via HTTPS, which "provides significant confidentiality protections against [pervasive monitoring] attacks." [...] Read more here

Vivaldi Removing Facebook as a Default Link in Browser’s Speed Dial

Vivaldi announced today that they will be removing Facebook as a default link in their browser's Speed Dial feature. Citing concerns about Facebook's mishandling of data and their lack of privacy protection, Vivaldi's CEO has decided that Facebook is not a platform they feel comfortable promoting. [...] Read more here

Software Bug Behind Biggest Telephony Outage in US History

A software bug in a telecom provider's phone number blacklisting system caused the largest telephony outage in US history, according to a report released by the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) at the start of the month. [...] Read more here